Search Engine Optimization SEO is one of the cheapest most effective advertising methods businesses have available to them today. SEO uses targeted key words to increase your ranking in search engine results. Here are five ways in which this is greatly profitable to your business.

1. SEO Brings You Traffic
SEO when used effectively can place your website in the top five search results on google. This is a huge advantage for any business as studies show that the majority of people that use search engines will select one of the top five results from their search. This dramatically increases the amount of traffic going to your website and as a result will increase your cliental and sales.

2. Credibility to Your Brand
“Studies show that people have faith in their search engines. Many people will jump on Google to find out information rather than encyclopaedias or libraries.” Says John Wood of Wood & Co Creative, an Sherwood Park SEO company. Search engines have become so consistent with providing people with reliable websites relevant to users searches that being in the top five is a big deal. People naturally trust brands that are found in the top search results than brands found on subsequent pages.

3. Brand Visibility
As mentioned already SEO when used correctly can easily place your website in the top five search results. This means every time the chosen keyword is searched at the very least people will see your website name, your brand and they may even read the blurb. Worse case if someone doesn’t click on your link you’re at least implanting the idea of your brand into their head. The next time they see or hear about your brand they’ll recognise it from being a top search result. This increases the likelihood they’ll choose your brand in the future as people prefer products they’re familiar with.

4. SEO Gives Data About Clients
When SEO generates traffic to your website it is tracked by Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks everything people do on the internet. It knows what time of the day your clients are most active, how they browse the internet, what technology they’re using and countless other things. All of this data can be used by companies to better understand their clients and provide them with a better service. By companies being intuitive to their client’s needs they will naturally increase sales.

5. Free Advertisement
By utilising SEO tailored blogs on your website not only do you increase the traffic through search engines but you also get free advertisement through people that like your posts. If you have something interesting or entertaining written on your blog, people that come across it and enjoy it are likely to share it on social media sites like Facebook and twitter. This extends your exposure outside of people that are searching you out and helps provide credibility to your brand.