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We are your Internet Cafe in Corfu offering Internet access, Free e-mail, Web camera, On line games, Scanning, and Printing.


“The city was Venetian until 1780… nearest the sea there is the most beautiful esplanade in the world” Edward Lear 1848. The main sights of Corfu Town start at the sea’s edge where you can enjoy a panoramic view from the airy heights of the Old Fortress. One of the focal points is the Esplanade where families promenade, marching bands parade and festive occasions are celebrated on this broad green expanse separating the Old Fortress from the rest of the town. The Ionian Monument on the southern half of the Esplanade celebrates the island’s union with Greece in 1864 and is surrounded by marble reliefs displaying the symbols of the seven Ionian islands. The elegant arcades of the Liston border the west side of the Esplanade where there are many cafes and bars.